The view from here


Welcome to Foul lines, which is what I’m calling this thing until I come up with something more clever. So, for starters, suggestions are welcome.

To pay the mortgage, I write newspaper stories. To pass the time, I watch baseball — probably more than my fiancee would like. I grew up just outside New York City, went to college in Boston and live in Upstate New York now, making me an unreconstructed Yankees fan.

I don’t apologize for it, but I don’t gloat either. I love the team because my father did but feel like I do a decent job looking past all the mystique and aura mumbo jumbo to see the franchise’s warts for what they are.

I write exclusively about the Yankees at Homers, a blog I share with a colleague — an inveterate Red Sox fan — and which focuses mainly on the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry.

Here, my plan is to cross-pollinate my Yankees posts from Homers with posts about other teams and other baseball whatnot. I’m an American League guy, but I hope to broaden my horizons with this blog, forcing myself to learn more about the Senior Circuit by occasionally writing about it.

Most important: I’m a fan, not an expert. I find myself increasingly fascinated by advanced baseball statistics, but I think Joe Torre was right in The Yankee Years when he said you ignore the human element at your own peril.

Among other things, Old Joe was talking about Bernie Williams. But I’m talking about Brett Gardner.

As I write this, my favorite player is Brett ‘the Jet,’ and I recently boldly asserted to my paper’s sports columnist — a Mets fan – – that the Yankees would be just dandy if they had nine Brett Gardners in the lineup. Somewhat of a flyer, I realize, considering that Gardner will probably be battling for a starting job again come Spring Training.

But that’s the beauty of fandom. Unlike most everything else in life, it doesn’t have to be rational.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Shoot me an e-mail: evangelistjc [at] gmail [dot] com

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